Fuji 35mm 1.4?

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Re: 👎 To Negate the 5 Likes....

Greg7579 wrote:

ddtan wrote:

Wait, so you already bought this, and it is in good condition, for a good price. Why not just go out and use it and see for yourself what a good lens it is. Don’t let other people tell you what you should do.

Why does a post like this get 5 likes? Do these 5 people come onto a Fuji camera equipment forum to talk about sports? Cars? The weather? The best hotel in Rome?

News Flash to you comedians out there. This is a camera equipment forum. This guy bought a new Fuji lens and wants to hear some opinion on how it stacks up to the newer version of the lens (35 F2). He wants to post about it. Has that question been asked before on this board? Yes -- hundreds of times. Are there comparison reviews of the 35 F2 vs F1.4 posted all over the web? Yes, but it doesn't matter. That is why this board exists - for posts like that.

So yes, posts like the OP just posted are why this forum exists. Smug answers like "why are you asking about a Fuji lens on this Fuji camera equipment Board," drive me crazy. I see it all the time. That and "Stop worrying about your equipment and just go out and shoot." Please … stop with that smug nonsense.

Let me tell you guys something.... I shoot more than almost all of you. And I worry about my equipment. I like to talk about my equipment. I like to help others that are less experienced than me when they have a question about their Fuji equipment.

Another thing guys -- stop saying to the OPs on this Board, "That subject has been covered before. Stop bothering us and do your research." No. Every subject that anyone can possibly post has been posted before at least ten times on this board. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Now, to his question. Let me provide the official answer for all f you.

Official DPR Fuji Board Answer Follows) …. Drum roll please. 🥁

The 35 F1.4 is a great lens. You made a good purchase. Owners of the lens talk about a special rendering that the newer lenses don't seem to have. (I don't buy that, but that is what a lot of very good photographers say about the 35 and 23 F1.4 and it is what I say about the 16 and 56 😀.) The 35 F2 is very popular. It is newer, tighter and smaller. It has faster and better AF capability with the newer mechanics and motor. It is hard as a rock and almost indestructible. The 35F2 is a great little 50 equivalent lens with superb IQ. But of course it is F2. It is not F1.4. That is a big difference right there.

IQ? See above. The 35 F2 has great IQ, but some say it does not enter the "magical" rendering realm of the 35 F1.4, 23 F1.4, Mighty 16 or 56.

One thing we can all agree on: We all wish that Fuji would update the original 35 F1.4 with the new build, mechanics, focus capability and WR.

You are welcome. That is why I am here for you. Ignore these people that tell you not to post. Post away my friend. We want to hear about all of your new Fuji lens purchases, and you should get a lot more of the best glass in the world. Save your money. Buy Fuji glass.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

Alright! Way to go Greg!

People ask me... so, I hear you do photography... can I ask you about ____? To which I reply, you got an hour?

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