555 in Spain..... later octuber... earlier November

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Re: 555 in Spain..... later octuber... earlier November

Another question: do you know what are the most realiable (and
price convenient) Internet stores for digital cameras? Which ones
sells overseas?.

According to my experience, the best, reliable and consistently low price (equipment & accessories) store in NYC is jandr.com. Unfortunately they don't ship abroad.

One store that does, also with good reputation, slightly more expensive is http://www.bhphotovideo.com (o-550 $499)

I have heard good things about

but I have no personal experience with them. (O-550 $499, O-450 $412). Willoughby's does ship overseas.

You won't be paying any sales tax when ordering, but you probably will have to pay duties in your country. Check out how much that would be to estimate the total cost for you.

I don't know how the European Union works as far as duties are concerned, but you may want to check if you can order from andother EU country and get better price that way.

I checked amazon.co.uk - price for 550 is 369.99 Pounds = 532 Euro. Not cheap, but beats 800 Euros.

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