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Re: HATE the USB Type-C

MarshallG wrote:

I don’t care that it has the Type-C ports, but taking the MagSafe and HDMI and USB Type-A makes it a much less useful machine.

I already have three MagSafe adapters, I use HDMI displays in our conference rooms all the time, and I use memory sticks and USB drives.

And I had to deal with either VGA or DVI monitors and projectors for more than a decade during which Apple only offered mDP.

At some point, we wanted all monitors and projectors to switch from VGA to DVI, then to (m)DP, then to HDMI, and now to USB-C/TB3. Monitors and projectors always are behind the curve, not least because they last so long. The only way to accommodate them is ship computers with multiple ports, even if the opposite would be the better solution (ship monitors with multiple ports, they are stationary, them having extra ports and cables is much less of a hassle).

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