Next Lens? 56/1.2, 80/2.8macro, 90/2.0 or 50-140/2.8

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Next Lens? 56/1.2, 80/2.8macro, 90/2.0 or 50-140/2.8

Current lineup:



18-55 kit lens

10-24 wide angle zoom.

My top priority in my next lens purchase is portrait photography. The lens I am considering is the 56, 80, 90 and 50-140. Any advice is appreciated.

Here are my thoughts/concerns:

56: Probably the top choice, however I am afraid of the closeness to the 35mm, and I really wish I can get even more reach.

80: Slower than the 56, but its a macro with more reach

90: Faster than the 80, but my concern is that since I am going to buy the 50-140 eventually, this 90 may become redundant.

50-140: Coming from a canon system, this is the lens I want the most, however I am concerned about the busy bokeh. Thus, I look back at the 56 for the best bokeh but least reach, or the 80/90.


Maybe I get the 56 and the 50-140 now and sell the 35, or just keep the 35 even tho it becomes redundant.

Maybe I get the 56 and the 80/90 and sell the 35 and never get the 50-140 until a MK2 comes out with better bokeh.

To those who say "depends on your use", I already know this. I'm looking for YOUR opinion, taking into consideration my current lineup.

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