GX9 and kit 12-60 or 14-140mm F3.5-5.6?

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GX9 and kit 12-60 or 14-140mm F3.5-5.6?

I can't find a clear explanation in the documentation.

I have a GX1, GX7 and now a GX9. I already had four Lumix lenses, but to get a GX9 in the US, I needed to buy a kit with the Lumix 12-60.

I've been happy with the H-FS14140 G Vario ASPH Power O.I.S. (14-140mm.  But its not clear if the dual IBIS in the GX9 integrates with newer software in the latest Lumix 12-60 or works just as well with the older 14-140.
Since I have a longer telephoto 100-300mm, I want to know whether the stabilization in the 12-60mm will lead to sharper images than the 14-140mm on the GX9


DXO doesn't cover Lumix lenses and cameras anymore, any testing alternatives (not specification comparisons)

Panasonic doesn't seem to have clear explanations of the differences in lenses labeled:

  • Vario, Vario G, and Vario GX    (GX, used occasionally in 'copy' seems to mean professional - but nothing shows up in the specs)
  • O.I.S. , Power O.I.S   and Mega Optical I.S.
  • 12-60 is the only "Dual I.S." lens meaning in body and lens?  Or something about the five axis stabilization in the body?  Excess branding words?
  • Why bother putting ASPH on all lenses? Aren't they all aspherical?

IBIS I and IBIS II; GH cameras have IBIS II, but even the very recent GX9 only has IBIS I.

Am I just missing some table on the Panasonic support pages that breaks all these out over the various lines?

Thanks for any insights.


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