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Thanks Frank, yes that could be an idea.

I never bothered with my driving license as always lived in cities after graduation, Seoul, then Shanghai, then London etc.

I have a motorcycle license though, but not sure showing up on a bike would be seen as a good thing, then again I also see no reason myself why it shouldn't.

It's an idea, I could look around at job ads, I currently only work part time by choice so am in good stead to be able to work as an assistant etc as I finish every day at 12pm at the moment as well as getting two days off a week.

I've used FF cameras, I've seen website discussions and comparisons of different formats etc, which claim there is no real difference in print quality even between a one inch sensor and a FF camera and vice versa or FF vs MF has been argued both ways etc and I must admit when I did use a 5d II and 6d I could see no difference on screen compared to DX tbh and have printed my own crop sensor and crop lens photos. but have never had prints done of FF sensor and lens photos of my own, I guess that's the real only way to know, to actually do it yourself and compare, anyone on the net could just skew things in the way they want etc.

The head of the photography dept at the uni I did one month of an MA at when I said I was thinking of 'upgrading' the d5300 and 35mm F1.8G and 17-50 F2.8 for SP and he said he wouldn't bother and he's been published in major magazines and journals etc.

But it is nice to physically experience these things for oneself.

Yes tomorrow I'll go online and look to see if anyone round my area needs an assistant / runner / dogsbody / coffee boy. No expectations though, but I'll have a ganders (a look.)

TBh most of my dithering on about cameras is out of frustration during the week at having to wait weekends to shoot ha ha.

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