Fuji like picture profile for sony jpegs ?

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Re: Fuji like picture profile for sony jpegs ?

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Why use, have or buy a Sony when one wants to have the output of a Fuji; I never understand this oft heard desire. Why buy a Volvo and want the performance of a Toyota, or a Corvette.

Why buy a grey suit and want or need a black one?

Incomprehensible to me. Buy what you desire and be happy. PP to your own taste, picture for picture and be really creative and a master of your own images.

Sometimes I want a photo to look something like a shot I took when I still used film cameras. I liked some of my early flower shots taken with Fuji film mostly Provia and Velvia . However, although liking some of the Fuji XT-1 features, including film effects, I found the XT series, both 1 and 2, uncomfortable in my hand, fiddly to use and far too cumbersome for my needs. I bought a Sony a6000, and later a a6500 because they answered to 95% of my needs. They fit in my jacket pocket; I can get them in and out of my pockets without changing my settings and I can hold them all day without my hand cramping and arms tiring. Meanwhile the RAW files from the Sony are easier to process and, to my eye, more forgiving in post.

Using DxO Optics Pro, or DxO filmPack 3, I can post process a Sony Raw to output to print with something that my Fuji friends tell me is almost indistinguishable from Fuji jpeg output—just maybe a little bit better in the shadows.

If you like the Fuji bodies—and X-Trans then that's good for you. Some of my best friends shoot Fuji But if you have chosen a different make, for whatever reason, why should that exclude you from using Fuji film emulations? When I shot Fuji film it was mostly on non-Fuji cameras—Pentax, Olympus and Canon because they offered features that I wanted. I see using Fuji film emulations on other camera makes as much the same thing.


Merely based on handling in store, that has been my impression of the XT-20. I don't know why Sony ergonomics are always bashed. I brought up Sony's dubious reputation on the ergonomics front and the salesman was surprised, he said he likes the Sony ergos and was surprised anyone would think otherwise.

I could understand why the OP would wish to shoot with a Sony but also wish to have a Fuji-like experience in some respects. The JPEG output is lauded and their optics are first-rate. It's a more expensive system to get into. The better analogy is a Toyota driver wanting the performance/luxury of a Lexus. Not to suggest the Sony isn't better in many ways, rather the Fuji generally exists in a higher price bracket.

Here In Israel Fuji glass is cheaper or same price, but not really more expensive

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