Nikon D3100 as my first DSLR

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Nikon D3100 as my first DSLR

The D3100 had always fit right in my hands. I set my function button to set my ISO (something I somewhat miss on my D7000). I began by walking around my local parks in town, and walking the streets of Downtown Austin during SxSW 2016. I didn't mind not having a swivel screen, accessories, or anything fancy. I wasn't filming, shooting a project, or doing paid photo shoots. and I always wanted to be as light and inconspicuous as possible. The camera is light and just right for walking around and not looking like a tourist in my own town. Also, I could shoot for a whole day on one battery charge.

I eventually I got new batteries to help with event photography, but obviously its because my needs changed. The charge lasts long, that I would be switching batteries late in a day of shooting. More recently in my more professional setting in pet, portrait, and action photography: I still used this camera. For a lot of those applications, I often used a Nikon SB-700 Speed light along side this camera, that I still use to today. This helped mostly for indoor shots, especially in churches and dimly lit hallways. Really saves battery and can be a useful tool.

A recommendation for lenses with the D3100 would be: 35mm f/1.8, 18-55mm kit lenses (also underestimated), and either the 55-200mm f/4-5.6, or the 70-300mm.

This camera is very underestimated. It taught me how to appreciate photography and that even with limitations of gear: there is still infinite opportunity. After being told, "you need the best, most expensive gear to make it", I quickly learned how much of a lie that is. The differences between Full frame (Nikon FX) is just the resolution and bigger frame. While they definitely preform far better in low-light because of the larger sensor, its not what I needed practically (Cost, complete gear overhaul, and me being a non professional). Even when I got to use a Canon 6D through my university, I found myself back to my first camera for my photography as it still fit me. It had exactly what I needed at the time: simplicity.

I loved this camera so much that I practically gave it to a friend, so that he too can learn his own way in Photography and Art (I'm really proud of him thus far, he also studies Studio art in College). It's a great camera that still can hold it'self today. Even though Nikon finally has archived this product, I still would recommend this, or its newer successors, for a beginner/amateur photographer on a budget. I would also evermore recommend it for someone that believes DX, or any camera crops (like 4/3rds) sells yourself short. Today, I still use Nikon DX cameras (the D7000 and D5500) as it fits my needs. One day, I will get an full frame camera again for personal/professional use when I can.The D3100+ series cameras can very well fit the basic photographers needs. Find your own way in photography. Learn the art and don't get lost in the technical stuff. This camera started my love for photography, and I hope this, and other entry level cameras could in your life too.

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Nikon D3100
14 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Aug 19, 2010
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