Next generation Foveon sensor

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Re: Improvement needs both hardware & software

Roland Karlsson wrote:

D Cox wrote:

silentstorm wrote:

1) Sigma can refine their older X3 technology. Use BSI technique. Have ADC embedded on the chip. Use gold wiring instead of aluminum or copper. True 14bit output.

2) Totally change the way image is captured. Use a monochrome layer on top, and a RB layer at the bottom. Process the data similar to video YUV signal. Be the 1st to implement REC2020 color space using YUV process technique. The top mono layer has multi variable gains to boost DR and simulate ND filters.

The top layer in a Foveon sensor is already monochrome and panchromatic.

Kind of. It is, like most B&W film, a bit more blue sensitive. So - generally, it needs a yellow filter for e.g. landscapes.

Yes. It's panchromatic like a normal Pan film, as opposed to the few with extended red sensitivity. One problem with Pan films is that brown hair tends to come out too dark. But this isn't as bad as it was in the 19C, before the discovery of sensitizing dyes, when plates were mainly sensitive to blue and UV. The composer Brahms, for instance, was a blonde blue-eyed German -- but not in the photos.

Same as (1), use BSI technique, embedded ADC and gold wiring.

3) Existing Quattro technology, add an extra layer at the bottom for DR boost. Same as (1), use BSI technique, embedded ADC and gold wiring.

Their DSP use the newer 10nm fab tech to increase speed and reduce power consumption. Definitely new algorithm to match with the new sensors. 4K video too.

I don't mind Sigma committed to APS-c size in order to make the camera smaller and lighter.

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