The perfect rough duty Olympus MFT camera

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The perfect rough duty Olympus MFT camera

First, don't expect the 12mp sensor PM1 to perform in low light the same as the later 16mp sensor cameras, because it won't even come close.  And the first gen IBIS isn't in the same league as the three axis, which won't compare with the five axis IBIS on Olympus cameras, either.

But for real world use, where you have the little camera around your neck, or in the pocket of cargo pants, or in a shooting bag, or even on a wrist strap, the PM1 is the perfect rough duty Olympus MFT camera.

The first reason this  is such an excellent "beater" camera, is that my copy only cost $80 complete, with a body with a 3000 true shot count, a flash unit, battery, charger, strap, box, and an Olympus 14-42 II R kit lens attached.  It was in beautiful shape until it fell out of my shooting bag and bounced off the concrete, and now there's a tiny mark in the right side of the metal camera body, but the camera still works.

These cameras are cheap as dirt.

But the only interesting cameras, are those that take great photographs, regardless of price.  And this tiny little Olympus MFT camera, the smallest one Oly has made yet, takes wonderful photographs in the daylight, or in conditions where ISO is 1600 or less.  The tiny PM1 takes really big pictures.

I shot a black powder shotgun event, using my PM1 yesterday.  It took over four hundred shots, and most of them after I dropped it hard, on the concrete.

This is the camera I want, for rough use.  I disabled the record button in the shooting modes.   It doesn't have a touch screen or PASM dial.  The flash clips on and off, and I kept it off.  It uses the first gen Oly batteries that I have over a dozen of. It fits anywhere.  It looks like a little point and shoot.  Yet it has the SCP and every adjustment you'll need to take great pictures without babying the camera and lens that costs less the amount you'll spend on gas, food, and entry fees to where you are going.

It would work as well for a bike outing or trip to the zoo or hiking or camping, where you took care to not get the camera wet.

Old Ford truck holds targets

Three drams of FFFG black powder makes a flash.  Used 8fps autodrive

The PM1 has enough buffer to catch the left barrel on the second target, 8fps autodrive

There is no automatic orientation sensor.  But it has, the 12mp "postcard look" sensor.

OOC shot using I Enhance, extra sharpness and contrast, auto gradation Normal JPEG

The little PM1 doesn't intimidate your subject.

If you can use an Olympus camera system, you'll find just about everything on the PM1 you'll need to take pictures without messing with the camera, and the ability to mess with the camera if you want.  There's not even a delete button, on the PM1, but you can assign the record button to delete on playback.

All you need to shoot an Olympus camera system is the menu button, the SCP, and the Info button, and the PM1 has all those, plus a dial.

It's all you need, and more, for a MFT camera.

Olympus needs a PM3, but you can buy PM1's cheap, and they are good enough.

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