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Scottelly wrote:

The Nikon D800 captures three times the megapixels of the D700, which is only 12 MP . . . and the images are "noisier" . . . but when you average them down by scaling down the images to the same number of megapixels you actually get photos that look LESS NOISY. I think you could do the same with an SD Quattro F (a full-frame Quattro), if it had two-and-a-half times the megapixels of the SD Quattro or twice the megapixels of the SD Quattro H. For example, if it makes 51 megapixel photos, down-scaling them to 25.5 megapixels to match the SD Quattro H would "average out" the noise some, which could result in images with less noise. Either way, there would be more detail, which is exactly what people got when Canon produced the 1Ds, which had more total pixels than anything else they had ever produce before. So basically the concept would be similar to what Canon did with that camera, back at the dawn of full-frame sensors. The 1Ds was quite successful, even though it was a ridiculously expensive camera.

In principle - yes.

But, you need to do the downscaling before doing the color conversion. Just as you need to do the noise suppression before doing the color conversion. The very problematic color conversion needs noise free images.

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