Which Zeiss Series?

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Which Zeiss Series?

Trying to shrink my kit, and I don’t like mixing and matching lenses, it’s an OCD thing I guess. I know many will say pick the best lenses regardless of system, but no. I think I’ve made a choice, or down to two anyway. But curious what thoughts people have on the different lines of Zeiss.

I have Contax G lenses now, and my camera is setup well for them where even the 21 and 28 play nice. Frankly they probably give the best IQ but I don’t enjoy using them. AF adapter is nice but the 90 can lock it up, and all MF adapters are fatally flawed.

I also have ZF (I prefer an aperture ring) 25, 35 & 50. Don’t give up much in IQ but they’re not small. I do like using them though. Also would like an 85 or 100 but that’s a separate issue.

C/Y, I’ve always been a fan, but I tried the two 28’s side by side. They were close across 80-85% of the frame but the Distagon fell apart in the corners. It got spanked so bad it kind of spoiled it for me. No problems with the 50/1.7 (though it trails the 45/2) and the 85 is supposed to be the same as the 90. Still, that 28 performance...

Wildcard, but less relevant here, would to be to get a few Loxia. Haven’t ruled it out as Inpersonnaly like the 35, and found a deal on an 85.

Sony Zeiss is also options but I prefer MF so let’s ignore them.

So with that all said, if you were building a kit of “normal” focal lengths, say any combo 24mm - 100mm, which Zeiss’ would you go for?

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