Best use of Dynamic range

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Best use of Dynamic range

This is a two parts question.

Let’s imagine a photo in a beach of a model posing on the sand with a beautiful sunset in the background.

We don’t want the model to be a mere silhouette and we don’t want to lose the details on the beautiful sunset.

Finally, let’s say I don’t have strobes or reflectors to “compress” the DR.

This is indeed a classical situation where a wide dynamic range may come to the rescue.

Question 1: My workflow for post prod is quite the classical one: On Lightroom I apply various adjustments to the overall image, then I select “Open in Photoshop” for advanced retouching.

It’s in PS that I will use precise masking to reveal the model by increasing exposure.

  • But isn’t too late? By that I mean have I already lost all data that RAW files could have provided for model to avoid noise all over her body?
  • If yes (it’s too late): What would be a better workflow?

Question 2:Suppose I have two cameras. Camera A is a 300USD DSLR, and camera B is a 5000USD DSLR.

Obviously, Camera B has a wider DR.

  • Will the difference in DR show up in all its glory straight after I take the shot? Or the full difference will be revealed in Post processing?
  • Another way to ask: With the same manual exposure settings, camera A shows the model well exposed but the sky is blown. Will Camera B give the same results on the camera screen? Or the full difference will be revealed in Post processing?

Thanks all for your help!


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