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Re: Addendum, color destruction confirmed

MisterBG wrote:

fPrime wrote:

I've got no doubt remaining that ON1 Photo RAW destroys too much fine color detail for my tastes after testing it with some of my other cameras. Here's a D60 RAW worked up with similar WB and exposure in DxO Optics Pro v9, Luminar 2018, and ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5.2.

At a macro level they look close but both Luminar and ON1 destroy some fine color detail in their RAW conversion engine. This can be most clearly seen in this 100% crop of the shirt detail.

Only DxO renders the red striping faithfully. Both Luminar and ON1 degrade it, ON1 being the worst offender. Color noise reduction for all converters was set to zero.

If anyone thinks I'm driving these programs at suboptimal settings and thinks they can do better than I did, please PM me and I'll give you a link to the RAW. But for now I am ruling out ON1 Photo RAW for any color critical work.

I'm afraid that, in the posted examples, I don't see the problem you are referring to.

Interesting. Clearly several others here can see the difference in how well the red stripe is rendered above. Can you perhaps see it more clearly in Brev’s conversion with Elements below?

The only thing I can see is that On1 produces a slightly higher contrast result, which is easily adjusted.

High contrast can definitely burn out color but I really think it’s either ON1’s color noise suppression algorithm or overly aggressive defringing in Photo RAW 2018 that’s causing the effect here. Still wonder if the 2017 version preserves color better before the enhanced debayering engine was introduced, but I only have the 2018 version on hand.

I'm wondering if you are over-processing your raw files, since I'm finding with On1, I get accurate and realistic results with hardly any adjustments from a correctly exposed 5D Mk4 original .CR2 raw. The D60 is a pretty old model and you may find the algorithms used by On1 are more suited to newer camera designs, particularly in the areas of shadows and highlights. It would appear that certain programs treat raw files from different cameras better than others.

That’s a distinct possibility... I also use different RAW converters for some of my cameras specifically because those converters either have better color profiles or rendering capabilities. For example, nothing handles my Fuji S5 Pro RAW’s better than Lightroom.

It would be interesting to see how ON1 handles fine color detail for a high resolution camera versus Lightroom.

Of course, it may be that you've decided one of the other raw processing programs is the one for you, in which case, fine - that's freedom of choice. It's just a matter of deciding which software produces the results that YOU like.

All I can say is that I'm very happy with On1, and I'm now using it exclusively in preference to Lightroom. I'm no Photoshop expert, but I find that with On1's layers and masks, I can do most of what I needed Photoshop for previously, so On1 can take the place of two previous programs, and I'm now completely Adobe free.

Bravo. I also refuse to become a Adobe subscriber in perpetuity preferring instead to simply use my older CS6 and Lr 5.7 editions when I need to tap some Adobe capability.


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