The New Super-Brick: 8-16

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The New Super-Brick: 8-16

I logged on today after a few days off (shooting with the X100F in Maryland and North Carolina) and was surprised to see no threads on the officially 8-16.  I hope I'm not stepping on any other thread on this, but I'm excited about this lens.  I'm not excited about having to spend 2 grand for this incredible new wide zoom, and it is bigger than the Brick 16-55 by quite a bit -- heavier (805g vs 655g), Longer (122 mm vs 106 mm) and wider diameter (88mm vs 83.3 mm).

I have wanted this lens for my travel because I was only using the wide end of the wonderful 10-24 (or never beyond 16).

Now with the three among the best (maybe the best) in the world F2.8 pro zooms (8-16, 16-55 Brick, and 50-140), that gives us a three-lens solution that has top-pro IQ at F.28 from 8 through 140 mm, and really to beyond 200 with the 1.4 TC.

That is 12- 300 equivalent at F2.8 with three pro zooms (and the 1.4TC).  So, as a travel shooter I can mount the 16-55 on my XH-1 and have the 8-16 and 55-140 in the bag  at all times on all trips.

I will have those there lenses with me for sure on all travel, and will take 2 or 3 primes along for fun (and the X100F for those moments without the bag).  But those Fuji primes angle of view will already be covered by one of those three world-class zoom.  So taking some mix of the 16, 23/35/50 F2s, 56, 80, and 90 will be a tough decision, because I will always have the 8-16, 16-55 and 50-140 on a trip.

That said, you know what I really wanted Fuji to do?  I wanted a 10 mm F2 prime.  If they had that, I would not buy the 8-16.  I would get that wide fast prime and throw away my Rok 12.

When I want to go wider than the 16 of the Mighty 16 or the Brick, I usually want to go all the way to 10.  I would love a 10mm fast Fuji XF prime in order to take wide city and landscape shots and to have fast wide hand-held capability with the IBIS of the XH-1 indoors (cathedrals, churches, palaces, museums, castles, etc...).  A 10mm prime would also excel at Astro and give a wide, fast solution in a small package that would be perfect for travel.

I am also not thrilled about spending another 2 grand on Fuji lenses, but I will buy that 8-16 the moment it can be pre-ordered.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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