Help Needed - Godox XPro Wireless Control System

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Help Needed - Godox XPro Wireless Control System

Hello all,

I'm trying to wirelessly control a speedlight and two strobes.

I have a Nikon SB900 speedlight and two Neewer DS300 strobes (Godox DE300).

I have the Godox XPro-N transmitter, the X1R-N attached to the SB900 (which after much research have finally got to work correctly).

I also have two XTR16 Receivers for the strobes, but used along with the XPro-N, the most I can get is triggering the flash of the strobes, I cannot appear to get the XPro-N to control the power output nor the modelling light.

I have also tried attaching the X1R-N to one of the strobes, and still the most I can get is the triggering of the strobes flash, I'm still not able to control the power output nor the modelling light.

I have updated firmware on the XPro-N and the X1R-N.

Should the XPro-N be able to control more than just triggering of the strobes via the XTR16 or X1R-N or am I trying to do the impossible?

Or is there possibly an issue with the strobes?

I have tried reaching out to Godox for some clarification and the response back was to send them a video - they didn't seam to be able to confirm if it should or shouldn't work, so any advises would be most appreciated.

Would getting the XT16 or XT32 Transmitter purely for controlling the power output and modelling light of the strobes and using XPro to trigger the strobes (as well as controlling the SB900) be a workaround?

Much thanks for your time and expertise in advance

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