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I think the processing chips are the problem rather than the sensor. It is fairly easy to make a full frame Merrill, but how long do you want to wait between shots, and how much over-heating can you tolerate ?

Foveon sensors produce a lot of data.

Sigma has also said a limitation is that they obviously cannot use off-the-shelf components so the chips have to be designed in-house. The sensor is a proprietary system with code and patents also. Producing pixels with less noise and a cleaner signal will do wonders. Get the noise levels down to that of the older cameras and you will have a lot of happy users regardless of the sensor size. The sigma sensors suffer from a lot of noise, hence the reason why the ISO is limited. They need to keeping working on this issue before offering larger sensors.

Well, they just DID offer a larger sensor, and it is great. It's just as good per pixel as the smaller sensor. It's called the Quattro H sensor, and I like it a lot so far. What's to stop them from making a similar sensor that's full-frame? If they decide to do what you suggest, how long are they supposed to do it? How many generations should they wait (keep improving) before they decide to make a full-frame sensor? I mean you do know that they have progressed a long way already, right? How far do they have to progress before their sensors are "good enough" to make one that's full-frame?

Generally, larger sensors produce less noisy images.

Frankly I don't think they DO have to wait. They could make a full-frame sensor NOW. They SHOULD make a full-frame sensor now. Sigma cameras are all about resolution (not dynamic range) and color. They HAVE the color, and they could make a Quattro full-frame sensor that would be king of resolution in the class where they're producing cameras. If they use a processor that's twice as powerful as the one in the SD Quattro H, they would have a camera that performs like the SD Quattro H, but offers twice the megapixel count, matching Canon's flagship resolution monster. It would be king for a day, and it would make Sigma even more famous than they are . . . but it would do it with a camera, rather than a lens . . . like they did with the SD1 . . . but without the pricing debacle (hopefully).

The problem with more powerful processors is that they run hotter, at least until there is some technical advance.

If Sigma can also improve the speed of focusing and operation (shooting . . . so there is less black-out time), and if they can upgrade their viewfinder to a higher resolution one which maybe has faster response - my old Sony A65 has a better viewfinder than the SD Quattro H), then I think Sigma will have a very usable and very nice upgrade for us and for anyone who decides to buy a Sigma SD camera for shooting landscapes, portraits, or studio photos. Sure, people can shoot other things with it too, but we all know that it won't be a wedding photographer's camera, a sports camera, or an astrophotography camera.

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