Encouraging sign for X-T3 based on XF 200 f/2

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Encouraging sign for X-T3 based on XF 200 f/2

I don’t usually feel the need to post about unreleased products but just felt like sharing my two cents.

At the risk of stating the obvious...based on the specs of the XF 200/2, Fuji will launch the X-T3 with a MUCH improved AF system for sports, BIF, etc, closing most of the gap with the Canikon/Sony and finally making Fuji competitive with the big boys in this area.

Miscellaneous points:

  • Big Fuji fan here...I shoot with the X-T2, X-E3 and X100F
  • Love the system, ethos, IQ, and overall shooting experience
  • I’ve been shooting erratic movement sports for 15 years (think American soccer and football). Both of these sports present problems for AF tracking as other players constantly cover up the main subject.
  • While I love Fuji cameras and know that it’s possible to shoot soccer or football with a Fuji rig, it’s MUCH easier to shoot with my Nikon D500, let alone a D5 or Canon equivalent. Ditto for BIF.
  • This issue has been the one thing holding me back from selling my D500 and 80-400 lens.
  • I look forward to the day when I can shoot with one system and sell my Nikon sports kit.

I think the arrival of the Fuji XF 200/2 sets the stage for that day.

While I have zero interest in buying the Fuji 200/2 lens (can’t afford it and prefer zooms for sports anyway), I have to believe there is NO WAY Fuji would spend the money to develop this lens unless they were serious about attracting Canikon (and maybe Sony) sports shooters. It’s a very competitive lens given that it’s equivalent to a 300/2.8, 420/4 with 1.4x TC,and 600/5.6 with 2.0x TC.

Great, so Fuji are about to have a competitive sports/birding lens. Now they need an AF tracking system that matches that lens. Yes, it’s possible to do this with the X-T2 but no pro sports shooters are going to make the switch for the X-T2’s AF tracking. I have to assume (pray) that Fuji knows this and is therefore going to blow people away with the X-T3 with regard to AF speed for acquisition, tracking and accuracy. It would also explain why they are rumored to not include IBIS (since all of the Fuji long tele lenses have OIS). Yes, IBIS and OIS can be bettter, but OIS should be still be strong.

Okay, have at it. Peacefully please 🙏


P.S. I didn’t mention the X-H1 (which has IBIS) because as I understand it, the AF engine is effectively the same as the X-T2.

Fujifilm X-H1 Fujifilm X-T2
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