Can anyone guess which two separately used SW editors used

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Ken Yull wrote:

tom graham wrote:

"You may be right Tom, but not seeing the actual RAW file you could be wrong."

No, if your two re-works were based on the same original file, then I can manipulate that original file to look like either of yours. Or something else. Even change it into a B&W image!!!!!


Tom I know I am not the best at pp'ing, and that someone with more patience, experience, and knowledge can produce a better pp'd image, so you are right!


I like to shoot a raw file in the morning and process duplicates of it through my various raw editing apps for enjoyment and practice. Then I run a slide show and pick favorites for color, dynamic range, definition, etc. Over fifteen years the various results have been looking progressively more alike. I think it’s a reflection of my improving skills, rather than the relative superiority of any editing app. I don’t have one favorite app. Each has some operational characteristics I like. But the biggest variable seems to be my skill level.

I was a trained musician. Playing with various raw editors reminds me of playing a composition on different brands of similar instruments.

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