OK, that's it, it's gotten the better of me. Calling it quits. Locked

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OK, that's it, it's gotten the better of me. Calling it quits.

Maybe some people here can change my mind by offering setup help to get this thing to actually work intuitively, but I've had it with my great experiment: the Olympus EM5 mk 2.  I hate this thing.

The worst offense is the AF: a miserable hit rate, at least using my Panasonic lenses, and no Touch AF when using the EVF to enable you to easily overcome that.  No way to set both back button AF and shutter button AF simultaneously.  No multi zone AF, just the spot lock that it (often incorrectly) decides upon.

Flash modes on Quick Panel but *not* in flash main menu (rear sync, etc).  An almost useless Panorama "mode".  The world's most aggravating menu system.  A flash mode that needs it's slow sync floor set before it'll allow you to actually go down to it, and needs to be revisited of you choose incorrectly.

Etc etc etc

Understand it has some great things.  A wonderful portrait grip with double batteries and grip strap.  Awesome Live Time mode.  Great EVF.  Wonderful feel in your hand.  Retro design.  Good ergos.

But it fails to respond when you need it, often missing shots.  Very often.

I can't take it any more.  I am open to ideas but I think I'll just sell this thing and move to an all Panasonic fleet.

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