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Douglas F Watt wrote:

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Douglas F Watt wrote:

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52SonyNature wrote:

When considering the very best lens for the A99II with shooting landscapes, I would like to ask all of you waht your reccommendatins are when thinking about the best possible match for this outstanding camera?

Thanks all in advance for your insights and experience.


Depends what you are willing to pay...Zeiss glass is great:




or middle budget glass [which varies] but a good one from Tammy:


-Martin P


I have great respect for your opinion Martin in all things photographic, but I actually think that the Tamron is the better glass. I know that's sacrilegious at least in some quarters to consider "budget" products to be better than anything with the blue badge, but I've owned both, and I sold my Zeiss 16-35 after comparing them head-to-head (of course sample variation cannot be ruled out as a factor in my results), and not only does the Tamron get slightly but usefully wider, it's consistently sharper in the corners.

It even beats out the legendary Nikon 12-24 in overall sharpness at least by a little, and I think is actually more consistent copy to copy than many other lenses. As much as I love Zeiss glass, this is one place where Tamron beats Zeiss.

Neither lens is any version of svelte and lightweight, but unless you're absolutely obsessed with having hybrid autofocus, the Tamron is the clear choice, at least in my humble opinion. And while we're on that subject (hybrid autofocus), my experience has been that there is most of the time little difference between hybrid AF and the dedicated PDAF module in most shooting situations. There might be an exception in some wide-angle scenarios because all of your AF information is going to be restricted to the center of the frame if you're shooting a non-Sony lens. However, autofocus of course is less and less critical as you get into wider and wider field of view due to the greater and greater depth of field.

see here for more information on the Tamron against the classic Nikon: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/4651324149/tamron-15-30-f2-8-vs-nikon-14-24-f2-8-shootout/2

see here for Roger Cicala's always fine and careful appraisal of the Tamron: https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2015/02/just-the-lenses-tamron-15-30mm-f2-8/comment-page-1/

In terms of primes for landscape photography, there's only really one great one and that is the Sony Zeiss F2 24 mm– which I have and love. There are also a bunch of pretty good Minolta legacy primes but nothing exceptional. a wide-angle 16 or 18 mm prime with exceptional optics is one of the holes – one of the few holes – in the a mount lens ecology.

I was a bit skeptical of the Tamron until I got one and started shooting with it. It's now my favorite wide-angle lens. It is a pain in the ass to put filters on, and as I said it's not light weight, but it's an incredible value offering an enormous range of shooting options for not too much money.

Another bonus for me was that I could shoot 4K video and absorb the extra crop factor forced on me by IS without losing the real wide-angle view– something not possible with either the 24 mm F2 Zeiss or either of my walkaround zooms (24-70 Zeiss or 24-105 Sigma). My only other option for that is to put an APS-C Sigma 8-16 on the alpha 99 II, and shoot 4K in crop mode, which I've also done.

I have great respect for your opinion too Doug and will concur that the Tammy 15-30 mm lens is a stonker! No doubt about it!

-Martin P


Thanks Martin - coming from you that's much appreciated! I am headed off to Florida in a couple of days with a huge pile of lenses (just reorganized my bag so that I could get all the five primes, the Tamron 15-30 and Sigma 24-105 into the bag). I hope to post some results from WA landscape shooting. Unfortunately the bag is now backbreaking!! LOL

Will also post some Italy shots, mostly taken with the a99ii/Sigma 24-205 combo, as lens swapping inside of churches is awkward at best. The Sigma was just superb throughout the trip, and at 105 f4 is a passable portrait lens too. We took RX100V, which did an incredible job also, as long as there was decent light and I didn't have to get much above 800 ISO. Amazing travel cam with great AF and 4k.

We have amazing tools to work with, for sure. We should all be grateful - our fathers and grandfathers would be stunned by the technology we take for granted and what it can do.

Looking forward to the Florida trip shots. Sometimes backbreaking can be a good thing for end results! If the wife is going along, then you have an extra pair of hands for the 600mm lol

-Martin P


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