X-Trans demosaic algorithms differences

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Re: X-Trans demosaic algorithms differences

57even wrote:

I don't know what version of LR you are using. This colour merging issue was common when I use LR in 2011 with my Xpro1, and also happened in C1. It has long since ceased to be a major issue.

So, if you are indeed using an out-of date version of LR, your entire premise is false.

I don't use any other software beside darktable, that street scene full of worms was provided by Marco1971 in the other thread. I just borrowed it as an example.

Darktable looks fine, but your constant attempts to promote it seem to be a little more than objective, and it's getting quite boring.

This is a fairly technical and pixel-peeping thread. I posted samples from darktable because I'm only familiar with it and don't use other softwares, but I also provided the RAFs so that others can chimed in with outputs from their favorite software (and they did). I'm more than happy to see the best output from your LR workflow as well, your effort in doing so will be very appreciated.

It might sound like I'm promoting darktable through out the forums here, but it mainly because I only use darktable, and so I can only participate the discussions from my limited experience. I've never claimed darktable to be better or the best. Since X-Trans is still relatively new with a few issues here and there, it might be helpful to look at things from different perspectives. I usually provide darktable sample outputs because they do look different from other software's.

Beside, photography is not an exclusive playground for Adobe, so, why isn't it boring when people mentioned LR and PS (a lot more than I did)?

But if you say that I constantly promote software freedom, I'd gladly admit that

It's not the software that's free; it's you

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