X-Trans demosaic algorithms differences

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Re: Latest Rawtherapee version

aequalis wrote:

The sharpness in the third city scape is really good. Indeed much better than the Darktable conversion previously posted. But the other pictures are clearly over-sharpened as you can see from artefacts around the edges and sometimes flat areas (see the cars in the first two pictures).

Thanks for pointing this out, although I don't think it's caused by over sharpening, but rather by noise reduction not applied underneath the (black) cars.

The beach scene seems to be quite difficult for both. The RT conversion is over-sharpened, the DT conversion looks worse than the sooc jpg.

I did not see a DT conversion of the beach scene. Can you cite the post please?

If the beach scene is the one with distant mountain, turquoise water, and many people on the beach, the RT conversion is much darker than OOC JPEG, so it's difficult to compare.

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