X-Trans demosaic algorithms differences

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Re: Latest Rawtherapee version

Sebastien Guyader wrote:

Thanks for the examples. For comparison, I developed several of your raw files using the latest Rawtherapee development version, which allows to combine the "3-pass" demosaicing algorithm (applied to detail/contrasty regions) with the fast algorithm (applied to flat/less contrasty regions). This helps a lot to remove those dirty cross-hatch patterns, particularly in noisy images.

This version also allows for sharpening only the detailed/contrasty regions (based on the same contrast threshold as for the demosaicing part) without sharpening flat regions.

All this combined, allows pushing the sharepening to crazy amounts.

Thanks much for providing the outputs from RawTherapee. It's very helpful to see the differences, and also to confirm what we have so far.

As expected, colors in small details is retained very well in RT, as well as micro contrast (although sharpening of the signs pic seem to be a tad too much, rendering the text strokes thinner).

The "extra-sharpness" in darktable output indeed came from the Profiled Denoise (and can be seen in the 47mm Waikiki beach pic.

One flaw in my darktable denoise combo that I'm too lazy to address is a weird hollow rendering of the strokes of the concentric circles into the dpreview test scene, although I haven't noticed that flaw in other small details, I'll leave it at that for now

darktable: the blue circles inside the red square lost their blue color

RawTherapee: rendered normally

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