Nikon D500 + 200-500mm + 1.4TCIII - In case you were curious.

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Nikon D500 + 200-500mm + 1.4TCIII - In case you were curious.

I also cross-posted this thread in the D500 forum, but thought it might be useful here also.

Yesterday I decided to go out to the wetlands with the D500, D750, 200-500mm and the Nikon 1.4TCIII, which has been collecting the proverbial dust in my camera bag for a year. I usually don't bring it with me, because it turns out that the D500 and 200-500mm give me enough reach for most of what I shoot.

I see a lot of people asking the question of whether or not they should purchase the TC to go with this lens, but there aren't enough people who use it, so this was a good opportunity to help you decide.

Below is a list of links to the images I was happy with. If you'd like to see them at full size (actually displayed at nearly double the original size), you can look in the lower right corner, click the triple window icon for different sizes and select the 4K view, or whatever applies to your monitor.

My opinion is that the 200-500mm works better than expected with the 1.4TCIII, is capable of producing very sharp results, but you make sacrifices. You have to shoot at f/8 wide open, use higher ISO as a result, and possibly higher shutter speed to make up for the increased focal length. I had the lens VR set to "Sport" mode to try and compensate, but it took work to keep it steady without a tripod or monopod. I always shoot wildlife hand-held.


- It was nice to be able to fill the frame with a small bird without scaring it away.

- In good light I was able to achieve very sharp results even wide open and at max focal length.

- If on tripod or monopod shooting slower moving or perched birds where you don't need fast shutter speeds, this combo can really get you close without sacrificing much IQ.

- Focus tracking is only slightly affected by the TC on the D500.


- I was tempted to shoot far-away birds in flight, only to realize (and I already knew this would be the case) that the haze and heat distortion got in the way. This much reach might be OK for cool mornings, evenings or any time of day or season where you don't have to fight these conditions. I'll stick to closer subjects.

- Focus tracking is obviously slightly decreased with the TC on, seeing as you're shooting with less light at f/8. The D750 is affected by this more so.

- Forced to use higher ISO settings and possibly shutter speeds when hand-holding and/or shooting action.

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