And You Thought Human Children Were Annoying!

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And You Thought Human Children Were Annoying!

Kids.  Noisy, dirty, and annoying.  I know - there are kid lovers out there, but they even have to admit kids can be annoying.  But bird chicks can make human kids seem like quiet little angels!

While walking down the boardwalk into one of my local wetlands, I saw an adult tricolor heron fly over and land on the handrail.  Thinking it just came over to rest on the rail and look around at first, I realized soon after that it was a parent, and it was trying (with futility) to get away from its growing chicks for a well needed break.  Unfortunately, the chicks were grown enough to know how to fly - and one determined chick flew over right behind mom, screaming and flapping its wings.


Mom tried to turn around and start running down the handrail, towards me, to get away, but the chick was determined and ran even faster than the parent.  I got ready to take a shot, just as the chick caught up and while running, wedged its head directly under the parent's wing:

This was accompanied by constant calling out - I translate as "FEED ME!  FEED ME!"

You can see in the next frame how the parent is beginning a quick U-turn - as the chick comes up under the right wing about to grab at the parent's bill:

The tricolor adult successfully made the turn and tried to run back down the rail in the other direction, but the nimble and desperate chick swung around and followed, coming up again under the right side, this time having to throw itself out over the rail, using its wings for balance, while grabbing at the parent's bill to clamp down and demand food:

Kids.  I need an Advil just thinking about this poor tricolor parent.

(Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always).

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