Nikon 70-300 AF-P DX shoots vultures on Full Frame D800

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WillRaro Junior Member • Posts: 47
Nikon 70-300 AF-P DX shoots vultures on Full Frame D800

Hi, I hope that this totally non-scientific analysis of the Nikon 70-300 AF-P DX lens, shot on a Nikon D800, may be of some use.

I purchased this (for an absolute bargain price from e-infinity) as a lightweight wildlife lens for hikes in the French Pyrenees. I was very satisfied with the results.

Compatibility with the D800 is 'acceptable' with the latest firmware update. The one drawback is the inability to disengage VR. This became a bit of an issue as there appeared to be a double exposure at certain shutter speeds, which I believe to be due to the VR. The lens was happy at >1/250th and <1/100th (where the VR was very effective), but I noticed the phenomenon at the intervening shutter speeds.

Frame coverage was very good. Vignetting is present to varying degrees at all FLs and apertures. Switching to 5:4 mode gave good SOOC results almost all of the time.  DX mode was obviously also very good.  The samples below show the extent of vignetting, which may or may not be acceptable depending on subject matter. NB, when shooting in cropped modes, the crop also applies to the RAW files - I was hoping to shoot in a crop mode for review purposes before selecting my final crop from a full-frame RAW file in post-production, but this is not an option, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. I had tested this before traveling and ended up shooting in FX mode and applying crop afterwards.

In terms of handling, build quality is fine. I had no concerns about the plastic lens mount. It's weight was such a bonus when stomping around the mountain trails, and for the cheap price I paid, build quality is more than good enough.

Centre sharpness was really excellent. Bokeh is pretty nervous, so backgrounds have to be chosen with a bit of planning.

Something that may be of niche interest is that the lens is approximately the same length as an 18-35 af-s with hood attached. My working set up was to have one lens on camera on a sling strap, and to have the other lens in a lens pouch attached to my belt (I'm pretty sure I looked like Batman). This gave me options for ultra high-res wide-angles, and a wildlife-centric telephoto with a relatively lightweight and accessible set-up.

That's about it - I can absolutely confirm that this lens on FX is a very good option to get some nice holiday snaps of foreign flora and fauna.

17MP crop from a 36MP FX sensor - equivalent to DX

21MP crop from a 36MP FX sensor

18MP crop from a 36MP sensor. Panning shot.

29MP crop from a 36MP sensor - 5:4 mode

30MP crop - vignette is very present but acceptable for the subject matter.

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