test : Godox XPRO , TT685N and SK400II together with Nikons SB700 and SB910

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test : Godox XPRO , TT685N and SK400II together with Nikons SB700 and SB910

I bought a complete solution for my home studio, but I also wanted to be mobile. Currently the whole Godox Equipment is on the test period - in latest 3 weeks I have to keep it or send it back.

I have a Nikon D750 but from Godox you can get flashes and flash Control units for every other camera system like Canon, Sony ..

I wanted to compare the light power of the different flashes and uses therefore a Gossen Sixtomat Flash lightmeter.

Further a small report how the flashes work together

from left to right the

  1. Nikon SB900,
  2. Nikon SB700,
  3. Godox TT685N in master mode for Nikon ASL - advanced lighting solution. it is the same flash as the other 2 but changes the lcd-light from orange to green when in master mode
  4. Godox TT685 in slave mode for Godox 2,4 GHz flash control
  5. Godox TT685 in slave mode for Godox 2.4 GHz flash control
  6. and on the left side the Godox XPRO-N to control up to 6 groups of godox flashes.

first I tried Yongnuo flashes and their flash control unit. but the system cannot control directly studio flashes and not so many groups - so I decided to go for Godox. Yongnuo worked well for me.

I also ordered a Godox SK400II (can be controlled directly from the XPRO-N flash control unit)

The Godox TT685N can be used

  • as a slave Flash within the Nikon system together with other Nikon flashes,
  • as a master on a Nikon Camera to Control 3 other flashes (the same as a Nikon SB910)
  • as a master for the GODOX 2.4 GHz System to control other Godox flashes and studio flashes
  • and obviously as a slave to be controlled from another Godox TT685 or from the Godox control unit XPRO-N, that is mounted on a camera. The Nikon flashes can be integrated through Nikons SU-4 . You don´t need extra equipment. SU-4 is nikons remote program that triggers on the flashstrobe of the other flashes. (intensity need to be controlled directly on the Nikon flash)

I tested all combinations and they are working good. compared to Yognuo you have more possibilites but the Godox flashes loose their group assignment as soon as you change the flash mode (from slave to master or on camera). With 1 or 2 press on a button this is solved and normaly you keep the flashes in slave mode all the time and there they keep the group assignment after shut off or even withou batteries.

I tried TTL and HSS (high Speed sync) and both worked although the TTL is not really useable in a studio situation with more flashes. Currently I do not need HSS, maybe in the future. The Godox TT 685 flash cost 113,- Euro on Amazon (the cheaper TT660 cost 66,- euro) so overall no big difference and that´s the reason why I bought the TT685. (3 of them cost less than a new Nikon SB910)

It was easy to upgrade the Godox flashes and control unit to the newest firmware release that can be downloaded from ww.godox.com. After the upgrade to the newest firmware the system worked better.

The test with the lightmeter gave the following result (without lightformer):

ISO 100, 1/125, 3 meter away (the reflector angle was approx. the same - I measured also in 90 degree to check the angle of the flash light - all flashes with manual mode 1/1):

SB700 f 5.6
SB910 f11.0
Godox TT685: f8.0
Godox SK400II: f16,0

that means that the TT685 gives in 3 meter distance 1 stop more light than a SB700.

the SB910 gives one stop more than the Godox TT685 (the specs light number on the godox is higher than on the SB910 but in reality the SB910 is one stop better) I don´t care due to the huge price difference.

Interesting to see that the studio light with 400WS gives only one stop more light than the sB910. But the Godox SK400II cost only 140,- euro (2.4 GHz receiver build in).

So overall I think I will keep the Godox System. It´s not perfect, but it´s good and easy to use for an enthusiast that don´t want to have to many cables and too many wireless receivers with additional batteries that make the fast setup or mobil use difficult.

(I pay all the godox equipment by myself!)

Please give me your comments and experience with Godox….

some pictures that I have done:

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