Oly Pro 17mm f1.2 vs 3 others

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Oly Pro 17mm f1.2 vs 3 others

Focus point is on right edge and 3 points down from top right corner and focus magnify used for each shot. OOC JPG heavily cropped on mobile phone and no processing done or lens profiles etc applied. This is edge performance out of camera so pretty much worst scenario performance.

Oly 17mm f1.2 Pro @1.2

Sigma 16mm DC DN f1.4 @1.4

Oly 17mm f1.8 Premium @ 1.8

Oly 12-100 f4.0 Pro @ 17mm and f4.0

Oly 17mm Pro f1.2 @ f4.0

Sigma 16m DC DN f1.4 @ f4.0

Oly 17mm f1.8 Premium @ f4.0

The Sigma is brilliant for the money... a smidgen behind (or is it the other way round!!!) the Oly Pro wide open but noticably sharper at f4. The Oly Pro 12-100 holds it's own wide open against the best primes several stops down! The Oly 17mm f1.8 looks soft but this is edge performance (not corner though-I don't believe in full corner testing) and closer to the centre it is very usable (not tested here but I know from experience). The Oly Pro 1.2 is remarkable for edge wide open performance... subject to a good review like from Lenstip it looks the same if not better on edge at 1.2 than at the centre!

Would I buy the Pro again??? What do you think? I did get the Oly Pro at a fantastic (basically used price) price... hmmm is that giving away what my answer is.

I do realise that this is pixel peeping but I can say that the Sigma would easily be my choice for a HR landscape shot. And the Oly Pro does seem to have some special ju-ju (good ju-ju) in practical use from it's rendering or have I become infected with Leica-logic (if it's expensive it's the best... right?)

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