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I'm letting the 100d and 24mm F2.8 STM go.

Been pixel peeping prints at 100%.  I know but hear me out.

Before anyone says 'but nothing interesting happens in the corners'

It does.

And it's disgusting to look at.

It's called CA / fringing.

It makes for a really ugly print, the action may not be happening there in the corners, but it looks so gross people won't help but notice it.

Canon 24mm F2,8 STM I don't care how well it reviews, there is CA in all the corners any shutter speed, any ISO no matter how good the shot otherwise - and otherwise than the corners it is very good.

I almost decided to go FF, then reviewed ALL of my X-100T photos at 100%.  Even one with thin structures against a bright sky in the corners.

The Fuji X-100 T? CA in the corners? Bwah ha ha ha ha

None. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I'll buy a new T or F.

Prices gone well low now too.  Don't need 24MP so probs get T.  ONly £130 more for F now but my ACR doesn't support it and Fuji 16MP files act like Nikon 24MP files, they're so clean and crisp.

Means converting RAF to DNG again, but man is it worth it.

The Canon looks nice but in even the best cleanest shots, the corner CA is there and it's gross.  Even just at the sides too.

I mean a £140 lens guess I was having too high hopes...

Doesn't have it with the FF 50mm F1.8 II on the 100D, so it really is a lens issue. The 50mm even when it has a little, tiny fringing in the corners, it's hard to describe but it's just NICER and not so bothersome.


The Nikon with the 17-50mm EX DC OS HSM F28 has way less of it than the Canon 24mm F2.8 STM. Not bad at all but not Fuji X-100 T lens good, close but not quite.  Very close though.

The Nikon with Kit lens has it as bad as the Canon with the 24mm 2,8 STM.

The 17-50 was too big and the Nikon size and AF not good.

I really appreciate that Fuji lens now, so clean, so clean. 100% and the grain even high ISO is so clean, it's all just so CLEAN. Small, black and silent too.

Some things are meant to return. to us

Ah means buying 2 extra batteries again and treating it with kid gloves so doesn't break....

But you cannot argue with results.

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