Thinking about getting P20 Pro or Pixel 2 XL - 2 specific questions

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Re: P20 pro vs Nokia 808 some simple shots to compare

ChuckTa wrote:

vallhall wrote:


I see you also have NX500!, how is it compared to the Fuji XT-20?. I only have the kit zoom to my NX500, but find it very good!. I was thinking about the Fuji Xe-3, Panasonc GX9(i also own GX8 with 12-35 2.8) and the little Sony RX100 VI

Thanks in advance

And YES! P20 Pro is damn good!!!. I had Lumia 1020 long time ago with a very soft lens(left side), but the Huawei is in another leage

I can't say which is better, the NX500 has better detail whereas Fuji has better color. But I also have the Samsung S 16-50 F2-2.8 lens and its really a kick ass lens. No wonder DPR give it the lens of the year. So far, I am still undecided which camera to take for my next trip. Panasonic will give you overall a smaller system. So if you want something small Panasonic is nice. But IMO, the Fuji will give u better IQ due to its larger sensor and Fuji processing. If you put the Sony RX100 in your list, than you probably still has not decided on which is your priority. Size/convenience or image quality.

But since you still have the NX500, I would say keep using it until it dies. Unless you can sell it for a good price, I would not say Fuji will give you better image quality unless you have some specific lens in mind. For example, Fuji entry tele is better than Samsung's at the long end. Fuji premium 10-24 is also better than Samsung cheap ultra wide. Fuji overall has better lens system.

Thank you for your answer !. I consider camera like Xe-3 because i looking for something I miss on the NX500...EVF. But I also discuss with myself if I need any other cameras at all because the P20 Pro does the job so well! I never print anything, only show the images on screen. That said, of course, ergonomics is much better on a dedicated camera

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