Went to get a G80 and ended up with an A7..tips from M4/3 and FF users?

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Went to get a G80 and ended up with an A7..tips from M4/3 and FF users?

Firstly, this is not a M4/3 bashing thread. I have been using M4/3 since 2013 now. I have a GX80 and several moderate lenses including 20mm, 14mm 12-32mm and 45-175mm. I travel a lot and love the size and features of my GX80.

However, I have just become sick of the GX80 viewfinder and was a little bit disheartened to find that they have used the same model, complained about since the GX7 days, in the GX9. It is not even the colour tearing that bothers me, it is the ratio and size, like peering through a tunnel. I use the viewfinder for essentially all of my compositions.

So I set off to get a new camera. The GX8's flawed shutter and IBIS system ruled that out so I looked at the G80.  It's great, but the Sony A7 came up on a prime deal for £570 (including cashback) with kit lens. I just couldn't resist.

I have not had a big chance to try it out but am instantly noticing the bigger viewfinder. The menus are not as complicated as people make out and overall it seems fine to use. A big miss if the lack of touchscreen AF. All in all, the GX80 is quicker in every respect and more fully featured, but then I think well most of my shots are landscapes or general travel photos like portraits, do I really need any more speed than the A7.

Moreover, although I love the functions of the GX80 like 4k and its various 4k photo modes, in practice I barely ever use these. I'm a pretty traditional photographer from that point of view.

So currently I'm assessing the image quality difference, especially in relation to my needs and weighing up whether an A7 with the 28 F2 and 50 F1.8 would actually meet 99% of my photography needs. I may yet still run M4/3 parallel to this though with a couple of zooms for video and wildlife....or I may just get a cheapy FZ1000.

In any case, I was just pondering what other people's thoughts were on running both systems and if any M4/3 users can help me with tips to adjust to FF. I really am a noob in this area!

Who knows, perhaps the FF IQ won't capture me and I'll merely keep my GX80!

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