Need to slim down my lenses, suggestions?

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Re: Need to slim down my lenses, suggestions?

dreyko wrote:

I'm absolutely stunned at the amount of people recommending the 70 to 200. A lot of what's kept me away from that lens is the weight in size. I'm also primarily a prime shooter given the choice however Nikon doesn't seem to have a reasonable 135 or so millimeter focal length option available to me other than the old DC lens.

I tried really really hard to fall in love with that 135 I've gone to buy it at least three times just always the softness pushes me away, granted it is a portrait lens and going on 30 years old.

Is the 70 to 200 really that serious of a contender? I mean for sure it will be convenient but from an image quality perspective will it compete with the Primes? And if I was going to get one would it be reasonable to say that the VR II version would be okay or is the new one really that much better?

The weight and size is an issue.   It is why it is not on my camera more often.   When I walk around outside taking photos, I usually use my 28-200 as it is small, light, and pretty sharp.   I have the VR II version of the Nikon 70-200; great lens.   But as you said, it is big and heavy.    Those who know that they will refrain from using big and heavy lenses should look elsewhere.   Your point is very well taken.

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