X-Trans demosaic algorithms differences

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Re: X-Trans demosaic algorithms differences

BryceM wrote:

I have a set of Fuji filmsim presets I got from somewhere... Today, I indulged in some excessive pixel-peeping and played with the city scene a bit. I'm left with no doubt that DarkTable can achieve as good or better results on any file I tested as LightRoom (most RAW nerds are laughing right now thinking "well, that ain't saying much!" ). It also has a tremendously impressive\daunting depth of parameter sliders to twiddle that can achieve some really unusual results, with a much deeper level of control over algorithm selection and parameter control over it's vast array of modules than LightRoom exposes, which definitely increases the learning curve and creative possibilities... LightRoom is much more polished and intuitive on the other hand...

Thanks much for playing around with LR, while the leaves still look a bit problematic in your LR outputs, they are pretty decent. I wonder what Marco1971 did (sharpening too much?) to actually ended up with worms all over the image and the Chinese char strokes being hollow?

You darktable output is still a little soft and blurry, too much denoising? Here's my version (using the denoise combo in the style I shared). I added the XMP file to the same GDrive folder.

darktable output, default sharpening

darktable sharpening: radius=1.5, amount=2.0, threshold=0.1

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