What Camera Should I Buy?

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Re: What Camera Should I Buy?

Dutch Newchurch wrote:

  1. Bobthearch wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

I'll respectfully disagree with those who suggest buying cheap with the idea of replacing later. Do your research and know what you want, otherwise you are wasting money on something you know is not going to serve you for a long time.

This. Any decent camera purchased today should last 5-10 years at least. Don't waste money buying something that isn't entirely what you want.

I can't disagree with the principle.

I just wonder how someone with limited experience can effectively research the camera they need without actually using a camera.

I am a great believer in learning from mistakes. Buying an inexpensive camera - when one has limited experience - will almost certainly be a mistake. It will also be a great learning experience.

First checking the ergonomics by handling various options in stores or renting.

Then studying options and capabilities of various cameras. It's pretty easy to see in galleries or on Flicker what the end result can be. This site gives you the technical options available for various systems.  Each company's web site gives you the range of options they offer.

All you need to do after that is buy the camera and learn to use it, which is not that hard in most cases.

The artistic aspects are going to be easier for someone with artistic ability and can be learned by others with study and practice.

Auto exposure gets it right most of the time. If you chimp, you will see when it doesn't and learn various techniques to compensate, including exposure compensation.

Auto focus is pitifully easy to use except for sports and wildlife. Just put the selected point where you want the focus. You will miss less with practice.

I've improved over the years. I'm still not as good a photographer as many here. But the better camera gave me better photos than I got with the crummier camera the first day.

As a committed amateur, the Canon system has enabled me to move in any direction I choose on a whim. Only professionals can pick gear for exactly the end result they want, because they know the exact result they will want. An amateur will see something interesting that he didn't know about and want to try it, or go out for a shoot without a specific purpose in mind, creating picture as ideas come to mind.

Before studying on line, I picked a bridge camera. There was no way to beat it into doing much of what I wanted. Had I spent the time reading here and elsewhere, I would have gone to the system I have and never wasted a dime.

It's just not that hard.

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