Problem with Photoshop Technique

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Re: Problem with Photoshop Technique

Sherlock74 wrote:

keith wrote:

When you do the selection of the figure, do you then invert the selection , delete the background and then move the image across to your composite?

If you do then you are getting the edges of the original picture left behind because the feather is working leaving some image at the edges..

Better to just select the figure, and copy / paste into the composite.

Thanks for the reply Keith.

To be honest I use the 'select subject' then 'select and mask' feature before re-defining myself. Once I have 'cut out' the individual I hit 'done' and move the individual on to my collage.

Is there another way to move it? i.e a copy and paste function to eliminate the thin frame lines?

All I can suggest is to put each image onto a separate layer and the look at them individually - you should see if there is anything wrong by looking at each layer individually.


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