Making a Fuji Jump, What Should I Know?

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Re: What Should I Know? - zoom lenses and software

muptup wrote:

Hi all,

I'm considering making the jump to Fuji having been a Nikon user for a long while.

I am still in the starter camera range, my Nikon is a D60 and I have found I use it less and less because of the size and weight so I am considering an X-T100 (some money leftover for lenses) or an X-T20 (no money left over).

When using the D60 I usually take a 35mm prime and 55-200 zoom. My standard photo subjects are travel, friends and family and the 35 does 95% of my shots, lowlight pubs or small gigs, street photography, limited landscape.

I use the Nikon ViewNX software for RAW development and then DigiKam for photo-management.

The features I hope to find in Fuji vs my current DSLR are:

* Much improved iso performance

* A lighter weight package

* Less RAW reliance, I can review photos as I go on my phone

* Equivalent picture quality

* Equivalent control and usability

Are any of my assumptions wrong? What are the roadbumps and quirks that other that have made the jump found?

You must think of a new way to edit images - there has been a lot discussion around this. Anyway, Nikon software will not work ... There are several new alternatives.

New Fujifilm will be much better than your Nikon...

The 18-55 zoom  is a good  option - especially if you will get  more family members ... the zoom is versatile and is quite cheap in many packages.

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I started SLR photography in 1968, first DSLR was Canon 40D in 2007. Now Fujifilm X-E3 and the new 80D are my favourites - also 6D for landscapes and some portraits.

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