upgrade to D500 from D7100 or alternatives

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Re: upgrade to D500 from D7100 or alternatives

Fotowentura wrote:

chas d wrote:

Agree very good camera and I am now wondering whether to keep my D750 - I know there is 1 stop difference in noise but I just can’t see very much difference below iso6400. Other subtleties in IQ are not going to bother me. There is the issue of wide angle lenses but it looks like a Tokina 11-20 might meet my needs.

There are no perfect UWA lenses on DX but there is a selection to choose from. I myself am perfectly happy with Sigma 10-20 3.5. The Tokina might be a liitle sharper on the edges but Sigma behaves brilliantly working against light sources, which Tokina does not. It produces crisp, contrasty images (which is my preference) and is very sharp where I need it to be sharp.

Daniel and Chas,

Yes, I can heartily recommend the Sigma 10-20 f3.5, as well. I have it, having bought it in 2010 when I was going to Italy and I knew I'd want a good wide-angle lens. I bought it at the local store, as I needed it soon, and I wasn't sure if it would arrive in time before leaving. Also, I wasn't sure which lens I wanted, and was considering several, including the Tokina 11-16. The local store only had in the Sigma, and I've been quite happy with it. I've also ended up using it a LOT more than I initially thought I would, so it's paid for itself.

As for keeping or selling the D750: I suppose that would depend on you, what you shoot, and how important it is to be sure you have a camera available, just in case. Personally, for a LOT Of what I shoot, I wouldn't want to/couldn't afford to be without a camera should something go wrong. I now have the D300 and D700, both matched really well, and the D500 and D850. I have lenses that work well on both FX and DX, and I'm fairly well set on bodies. I would LIKE to have either a D4(s) or a D5, but those are simply too expensive, particularly after having bought the D850. I'll wait a while longer and take it from there.


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