Maximum achievable "zoom" with m4/3--within reasonable price.

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Re: Maximum achievable "zoom" with m4/3--within reasonable price.

Okapi001 wrote:

Bag of Rocks wrote:

Hey y'all,

The massive P1000 3000mm eq. FOV has piqued my interest. Now, as a full-frame user, I know 3000mm on FF is a pipe dream.

But what about on m4/3, famed for its smaller kit?

Ok, forget 3000mm, have any of you got to 1000mm FOV? If so, how'd you do it?

Take any suitable legacy tele lens. For example Olympus 600mm f/6.5, there is one on eBay for $410.

Add a 2x teleconverter, to get 1200mm.

2X crop factor and you are at 2400mm equivalent.

Crop 2x to 5mp, and you have a 4800mm equivalent field of view. Enough?

Well, that just blew my mind.


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