Which Nikon can match the Canon 5DIII for...?

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Which Nikon can match the Canon 5DIII for...?

Hi all.

The D800 is maybe my favourite camera ever (and I've had a lot of cameras) but although I've used it almost daily for personal fun, I haven't for weddings, for two reasons:

- quiet shutter measures at almost 3 times the decibel-level of my wedding camera of choice: Canon 5D III. Also there is too much lag until the next Q-shot is ready, the Canon can do 3fps in its silent mode.

- the live-view is practically unusable in a quickfire event climate. The shot-to-shot times are far too slow, the laggy jaggy details when zooming-in are horrendous and the live-exposure doesn't compensate for external flash use. Again the 5DIII does all these things far better.

I shoot weddings with two cameras and I already have a D3S. I only need one camera to have the features listed above which match the Canon, plus I'd want to keep the 36mp in one camera for personal use.

Further info: the D850/D4/D5 is too big a hit on my wallet to consider. Not considering APS-C. I've already got 3 great Nikkors and one SB-700. I know Canon have the 50mp 5DS/R which does all the above but I really fancy shooting a few events with Nikon gear.

Possible combi:

- keep D3S, replace D800 with D810.

- keep D800, replace D3S with other Nikon (Df, D700, D750, D610?) which matches the 5DIII performance.


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