rx100m6 Setup Suggestions

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rx100m6 Setup Suggestions

I'm exhausted

rx100m6 setup suggestions

1. Charge your batteries, I'm not kidding, get an ebay kit, wall charger with 2 batteries
2. Initialize, Setup Tab, pg 7, full factory reset, to undo any changes you might have guessed at
3. Write your changes down, you may reset in the future, easy to get it back as 'yours'
4. top wheel in P mode (out of box default)

My Changes in the order they occur in the menu


page 1
a. Jpeg Quality, extra fine (26% less compression than fine)
b. Panorama Direction UP. (you must turn top wheel to Pano mode to activate Pano settings)
I don't use full wide panos often, so I use it for wider shots than 24mm like this:
UP, then, I turn camera vertically and sweep sideways, not full pano, but wider than 24mm
For full pano, change back to sideways, stnd or wide
page 3
a. Drive Mode, continuous, low speed (3 fps)(default is 24 fps, incredible, I will try 24fps later).
I use low speed to avoid shutter press shake, only hold shutter button a short time, say 3 shots, 1st may have blur, 2nd, third maybe not. especially slow shutter speeds hand held. you can take single shots in continuous, just press and release quickly
rocker down from single to continuous, right rocker, high, mid, LOW
b. Bracket Settings, self timer during bracketing, 2sec, again to avoid shutter press shake.
page 4
a. Focus MODE, AF-S. AF-A is new, single and continuous, camera in charge, I will try it later
b. Focus AREA, Center, you in control, to start, will use spot later
c. Set face priority in AF. OFF for now, don't want camera deciding that until familiar with cam
page 5
a. Phase Detect Area, ON. PDCD is a big part of it's super AF system, u see box where it works
page 6
a. Metering Mode (AREA SIZE), Center, use spot later
b. Spot Metering Point Center, Focus Point Link. Move focus spot, metering spot moves with it
page 7
a. AEL with Shutter, ON. only focus set at half press, exposure taken when shutter fires. I set focus distance at half press, and reframe often, After reframing, lighting is different, exposure not set earlier at a different location. Also, waiting for something, a cloud could move, a big truck could block prior light, a branch moves in a breeze, ..
page 8
a. Red Eye Reduction, ON. To get true eye colors. Pre-flash causes red eye, it instantly dissapates, second, real flash captures real eye colors. Simply tell subjects to hold position/smile a bit longer. Post software RER guesses.

Flash Notes: Leave Flash on Fill Flash. Normally not popped up, doesn't fire. Want flash, simply move the flash release, no need to find and turn it on. I put flash comp in Fn menu, and reduce/raise flash strength shot to shot. Full strength is why people don't like or use flash, proper level gives success when needed. This m6, with darker lens, f2.8 close, perhaps zoomed a bit, will need flash more often than m1,2,3,4,5. Always let flash fully charge, even using it cut back, so it is consistent shot to shot, and your adjustments will be based on prior accurate level. Flash will fire before full charge, but strength will be random, any adjustment from that will also be random.
page 9
a. DRO/Auto HDR, DRO OFF. My m3 trials, DRO works but I don't like what it does, changes textures, shadows, and effective color. You might like it. I like HDR, I shoot handheld, so I don't want auto, I turn it on when enough light to handhold decent shutter speed. You get original based on you settings, and a second HDR shot. I put DRO/HDR in Fn menu
b. Initial Focus Magnification, 5.3X

Magnification Note: When magnified, initially it is 5.3X. Press center button, it toggles to 10.7X, press again, toggles back to 5.3X You can move a box to change what area gets magnified.

page 11
a. Peaking Setting
1. Peaking Display ON
2. Peaking Level, Low
3. Peaking Color, Yellow

Peaking Notes: Peaking is used in Manual Focus, or DMF (direct Manual Focus) while magnified. Turn front ring,magnification occurs, peaking shows on edges of items in focus, in the color chosen, primarily vertical edges. Turn front ring to refine focus on your subject. You can stay magnified, wait for the birds perch, shoot, or, half press shutter, jumps back to framing view. Ignore peaking, simply confirm your framing, shoot when ready. Peaking Low shows less peaking at magnified and normal framing view. If you want, once focus distance is locked, you can hold the camera still front to back, move your head/eye alongside the camera, look at the subject directly, over or around the camera, fire when ready.

page 12
Self Portrait Timer, leave on, it is automatically engaged as you flip the LCD up almost 180 degrees. You will see the self timer icon, you press shutter button, you have 3 secs to pose.


pages 1-4 are about Movies, I know nothing about movies
page 5
a. Release without Card. Disable. Default Enable: if you don't notice 'no card' warning, (I have) you think you are taking photos, shutter fires, adjustments shown in lcd, seems to write to card.
page 6
a. Zoom Speed, FAST. Normal for movies, stopping at precise focal lengths, (can use steps)
page 7
a. DISP Button (rear up rocker). Up rocker toggles thru only the boxes you check.
you can check different boxes for LCD (monitor) and EVF (finder)
1. Monitor: uncheck for viewfinder; check monitor off (right rocker, enter to get those changes).
2. Finder: uncheck histogram (unless you use it); (right rocker, enter).
page 8
a. Auto Review, 2 sec, you can zoom in to confirm focus as soon as the Auto Review shows.
page 9 Custom Operation 1
a. C Button, Smart Telecon pg 14 of 20 (in-camera crop, no upscale) This is an instant toggle, Optical 200mm max; Smart Zoom 1.4x 280mm max; Smart Zoom 2.0x 400mm max, back to optical 200mm max. Icon shows on LCD. Smart Zoom used this way: no need to change Image Size to 10mp or 5 mp. Note: Default ISO is in my Fn menu.
C button also moves the spot focus box back to center when the box is in active (white).
b. Left Button (rocker), AEL Toggle pg 4 of 9 (default drive mode is in my Fn menu)

AEL Note: AEL is only available by custom assignment. When in use, an asterisk appears in the info line at the bottom of the lcd, at the right end. AEL rocker is adjacent to that asteris, intuitive for me.
c. Right Button (rocker), AF/MF Ctrl Toggle line 3 of 19. rx100's do not have focus levers or dials, so this is instant change from AF to MF, toggle back to AF. You can keep your eye on the subject, using LCD or EVF, keep finger on the shutter button, instantly change to MF, refine focus, shoot. Press right rocker again, back to AF
d, Fn Menu Set. your 12 items, in your adjacencies. Settings you might change shot to shot. Items here do not need to be found in the crazy huge menu. One Fn button press, 12 icons, rocker to one, change it. Chech when u turn the camera on, to verify how you left those settings.
My Fn button menu (all instant access to changes)
1. Drive Mode (frees up left rocker for AEL
2. Face Detect (in AF) (option if I want it, normally not)
3. Flash Comp (change flash strength shot to shot)
4. Focus Mode (method), AF-S my default, change to any choice instantly
5. Focus Area (size). change center to spot, zone, ... quick and easy.
6. Meter Area (size). often changed with Focus area size.
note adjacency od 4,5,6
7. Image Size (jpeg 20, 10, 5mp)(smart zoom automatically available at 10mp and 5mp)
more Clear Image Zoom is available at 10mp and even more at 5MP.
8. Aspect Ratio
9. DRO/HDR (dynamic range optimizer and or High Dynamic Range (stills)
10. ISO
11. WB White Balance. AWB is excellent outdoors, Indoors generally good, unless mixed light sources i.e. Daylight and Incandescent; Incandescent and energy saving Compact Fluorescent
many optional presets are available to try, and, you can select a specific color temperature (Kelvin), or, use a white card in the space to automatically acquire a WB. I used to be hesitant to change WB, but now, shooting clothes for Donna to sell on eBay, I learned, once learned, easier than you think.
12. Picture Effect. I like High Contrast Black and White and Watercolor. Stupidly, B&W is in Creative Style, not here with High Contrast B&W and Rich B&W. Let me at em'.
page 10
a. Movie Button, Movie Button ONLY. Prevents accidental movie start (I don't do movies)
b. Audio Signals, OFF. Silent in public spaces, does not effect playback volume.


a. I only send single pics to a phone (using Fn Button's alternate when in play mode).
b, Airplane Mode, ON. That turns WiFi OFF, saves battery. On to send pics to phone, etc.


page 1
a. Monitor Brightness, Sunny Weather (see it in glare situations, dark situations)
Glare note: what you see is what is reflected, which is you and your clothes, so, a hat making shadow on your face, a dark blouse/shirt, no pattern, will help.
page 2
a. Delete Confirm, Delete First (don't ask me twice)
b. Display Quality, High. (uses more battery, just have spares).
c. Auto Monitor Off, 10 sec. Try to save battery, may put back to default Not Off
d. Power Save Start Time, 5 minutes. Don't want it turning while learning the menu, and, when strolling, looking for photo opportunities, don't want it turning off too often. May use less battery than turning on/off, extending/closing lens, ...
page 3
Touch Operation, OFF. After a while, I will turn it on, but too soon, too much to learn now.

My Menu, I will post separately

I picked 30 items, and entered them Alphabetically. No need to go into god awful crazy menu for the things I might change, now and again, (not shot to shot, they are in Fn button menu).

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