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rickpoole wrote:

MattNJ81 wrote:

Great images. Are these shot at f/2.8? I have struggled quite a bit with focus stacking and I'm always looking to see how others do it. I usually close down a bit for the extra DOF bit perhaps that is part of my problem.

Thanks. With my 100mm macro I usually shoot in the f8-f11 range and occasionally at f16. I usually stop down a few stops to get more DOF to make it easier and quicker (less shots required). With some of my other lenses they start getting some diffraction distortion at f11-f16 so with those I try to keep it at f8. One of these days I was going to try one with the 100mm macro using f2.8 just to see what the difference is. I'm guessing it will mean 2-3 times as many shots and a lot longer to process. It will be interesting to see if the results are different than shooting the same thing at f8.

Thanks for the info.

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