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Canon user inferiority complex and Sony cameras


Ever since the Sony A3 came out there has been this online uproar against Canon and Nikon, coming from their own users that to me raises a very big question, and one that is more concerning when it comes from some experienced photographers that should know better and still can't help but display an emotional, and not rational, reaction to a new competitor in the FF market.

Sony cameras are great, for a few types of photography. Fashion, studio work, street photography maybe Landscapes too. Its true the new Aony A3 comes at a fantastic price for many of its features, many of which not everyone is going to be using (unless you are suggesting that every current canon user needs its video capabilities). But the technology is there so we can't knock it.

But what about the things that aren't there? things that perhaps should matter more, specially to current Canon and Nikon users. Things like Durability, proper weather sealing, better controls and above all a wide selection of inexpensive, high quality lenses.

People on this forum say the new Mirrorless FF Canon needs to be priced $2000k or under to even stand a chance... well does it? because last time i checked the Canon ecosystem is by far much more affordable than Sony's. I see canon users stating that they will change to Sony because of the Sony A3! So, Im a new photographer wanting to upgrade to FF, why would i spend $2000 on a Sony A3 body only, when as soon as i think of buying a decent lens for it im immediately taken back by its exorbitant prices?

So i can go with a canon 6D MKii and a Sigma 18-35 F1.8 for $2500, or i can get a sony A3 and 16-35 f2.8 for over $4000.... how many great lenses could i buy for my Canon with that kind of money? What about flashes, and studio equipment? everything is more expensive for Sony's.

I mean just look at this:

How much are Sony owners potentially saving by going with a $2000 body?

How does a person who has invested in Canon (and i'd like to believe for a good reason) would want to change to this new system that might not improve its photography but become also more expensive in the long run?

Canon EOS 6D
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