Nikkor 17-55mm - thoughts?

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Re: Using the AF-P 18-55mm

The only significant, but not major reason is I want a better balanced weight and size lens for the D500. The AF-P 18-55 seems off, but it's okay really....

I did have the 16-80mm lens, but returned it because it was decentered and got fuzzy images as a result. That was a very nice lens otherwise, but I can't spend that much for it at the moment.

I think it's too good to be true that the AF-P 18-55mm is able to perform so well for such a low priced lens that I'm a bit skeptical on its performance - perhaps I don't have the 'eye' to differentiate between a good vs bad image from a lens.

YRUNVS wrote:

I think one of the big reasons to get one of the 17-5X 2.8 lenses is for speed. I didn't use the afp 18-55 much, but do recall having a favorable impression of the lens. If the additional speed doesn't offer much in the way of benefit for your usage, I'd say the 17-5X lenses don't offer a whole lot. The 16-80 is said to have a nice rendering and be a nice choice for landscapes, but I have no experience with this lens. If renting is an option, I would rent the 16-80 and see if it provides a material benefit for your type of shooting. If it does, I would then keep an eye out for white box sales, or deals on a refurb. It doesn't sound like you are trying to fix any big problem with your existing kit, just to improve upon it if possible. So if possible, I would try before you buy (if you buy), and then look for a deal.

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