🌟 I saw a camera that wasn't there

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Re: 🌟 I saw a camera that wasn't there

isme wrote:

BenedictusMargaux wrote:

isme wrote:

I honestly do not think I ever wanted anything in a camera, quite as much as yours ..I always wondered how I would use it,

There is a simple way to find out.

To see how you use it is simply inspiring, everything is cut away from the photo and shown raw to the viewer, and the appearance of yourself is also very visible.

What do you see? I am curious.

Someone explained it to me as an empathetic energy as if someone was pointing out something with feeling to someone that was warmly watching.

Decision, control, control mainly and a decision that is sort of culturally rooted, like a history of European photography or family photography embedded in a person

You read me like an open book.

but not expressed like some do to represent themselves artificially, but absolutely to represent themself wholly.

Very kind words, Ant. Thank you.

..very difficult question you asked, easier to see than explain,

... this reminds me of something that Wittgenstein wrote: What can be shown cannot be said.

I've spent a great deal of time thinking about these words. My philosopher friends tell me that Wittgenstein has been refuted. I am not so sure.

the explanation is quite a bit more, am surprised how much information is in a photograph, I said that from the beginning, the much in nothing 'thing'.

Your two cameras are perfect too, the 'precious time' photograph pretty much defines its suitability for the task for 'street', and the folder for your high art ambitions as well,

The lens is extraordinary, that clarity, I dont have anything like it, I don't think there is another camera that has it, at least not as much as your camera does.

... you always take the time to explain and elucidate. Thank you.

too much spare time, and not enough to do everything. (grin)

There is no need to do everything. Better to do things well (but I know that in saying this, I am preaching to the converted).

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