2018 Retina MacBook Pros are out

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Re: 2018 Retina MacBook Pros are out

Alex Zeee wrote:

Actually Intel has had 4-core 15W chips since Q3 of last year, the Surface Book 2 family uses them (8650U at 15W in the 13" and 20W in the 15") and Dell, Lenovo, HP etc use various forms of this chip and other products in the family. The non-touchbar model easily could've had one of these without "cannibalizing" sales of the touchbar variants since they'd still be noticeably more powerful.

Sure, but with a significant hit in GPU performance:

Current nTB MBP: 7360U & 7660U with Iris Plus Graphics 640
Kaby Lake R: 8350 & 8650U with UHD 620

The Iris Plus 640 has twice as many execution units (48 vs 24) as the UHD 620. It also has a 64 MB eDRAM cache where the UHD 620 has none and has to rely on system memory for it. The UHD 620 is clocked slightly higher though (1150 MHz vs 1100 MHz for the i7).

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