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Re: Images from my recently acquired GR2

I assume your name is Ronan? Apologies, if I'm wrong.

Thank you for your kind words. Very encouraging. I can only assume that I think I know what you are talking about. A bit of kindred souls, maybe.

In my case, I recently understood something about myself. It was the fact that there wasn't any of myself in myself. Not sure, how else to explain it. I am thirty something years old and only after a tumultuous odyssey of trying to do something with my life, I ended up back at the question that drove me out of my parents house almost fifteen years ago in the first place: Who am I?

Photography is a way to find myself. Looking at my past images, I can see a certain desire of a world that doesn't really exist. A kind of quiet and forgiving place. But, the truth is that I am very much afraid of it and that my photographs just prove that.

Anyways, a pleasure to have met you.

I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs as well.
I think they say more about you than the subjects and scenes inside the photographs.
A kind of lonely but passionate longing.

I think, photography tells more about the subject behind the lens than the subject before it.



I have a vsco channel at:

and a personal (raw & unfinished) site at:

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