Making a Fuji Jump, What Should I Know?

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ISO and usability.

There is no increase in ISO performance in Fujifilm cameras compared to Nikon's top performers.

Usability is a toss-up depending on your priorities. I loathe the fly-by-wire focusing mechanisms in all the native lenses. It's awful, and you'll hate it whenever you're forced to use it.

Fujifilm cameras also have a very annoying and stubborn quirk with regards to menu access. If your display settings are EVF only or EVF only + eye sensor, you will not be able to access the menu using the rear LCD. It will just be accessible through the viewfinder in those modes. This is awful ergonomics, and you'll discover that when you complain about it, you get swiftly lectured by fanboys.

Otherwise, the cameras are fun to use, the JPEGs are excellent, and the lenses are competitive with the best the DSLR world has.

On another note, while Fujifilm cameras produce excellent JPEGs, I'll be damned if anyone can reliably pick them over the JPEGs created by Nikons or Canons in blind comparisons at regular viewing distances. To assume that the two behemoths of digital photography are somehow incompetent at JPEG processing is a farce.

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