Travel gear in 2018: how light do you travel?

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Travel gear in 2018: how light do you travel?

I used to carry up to 7.5kg when I used a DSLR setup. Long gone those day where I thought this was acceptable. These days I try to minimise ALL my gear as I find it liberating to travel light.

There are gazillions of travel gear questions, often revolving around lenses. Rarely ever around the full monty.

A couple of points I want to make here first:

I never take all my gear, lenses or otherwise, but select what I think I might be shooting. For my next trip, Sumatra and Bali, I will only take one body, the X-Pro2 and 4 lenses, 14/2.8 23/2 50/2 and 90/2, so this is a bit on the high side. I might change my mind regarding the 23/2 and leave that one behind, but since the lens is light enough I might just throw it in.

For a planned trip to Myanmar later on this year I will only take 2 lenses, the 16/1.4 and the 56/1.2. The difference in weight is around 500 or so grams, but for only 2 lenses instead of 4!

I also used to take a laptop, mainly to store the files and back them up to an external HDD. A real pain if you travel to places without much or no security when you carry the laptop with you all day. I am using an Android phone now to store files on the phone as well as on external drives.

So here is my whole gear now for my next trip, excluding a bag:

Note: the coaster is for a beer later on today and won't come with me sadly.

The scales showed around 2320g:

The phone is a Huawei P20 Lite (Novo 3E) with 32GB of internal storage and 64GB extended storage. I use ES File Explorer to create folders, then save the SD card content to the folders and then backup the folder to an external USB stick (an extra 30 or so grams??).

For my Myanmar trip this setup will be down to around 1750g, 2 lenses.

Looks much less cluttered right?

Anybody traveling below this setup? Would be curious. I also own the X-T20 which is 75g lighter than the X-Pro2 but seriously this is not a dealbreaker.

Tripod also not mentioned here, but will come with me in my Antler.


P.S.: I can hear TheGreg laughing hysterically as he typically sits on the other side of the planet!

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