Wait... I really want to know now! Vote Now !!!!1!!

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Wait... I really want to know now! Vote Now !!!!1!!

Old wine...new bags. Long story short on dpr - somebody who's angry says goodbye, someones yells - "good riddance..." with all the obvious ingredients: leaves, rocks, grass, mud, bricks and sharpening in LR or other software..... and like George Clooney would say: "What Else?" 

I did make a "humorist" suggestion to avoid this kind escalation in the future and that's a sub-form Fuji only for processing in software. Of Course the part of the threat got deleted for obvious reasons, hahahaha

But still.... I would like to know.... must we have a sub-forum for all the "Worms", "Watercoloring" and "diffractions" regarding to Fuji raw files....

So let's have a simple vote and be polite and reasonable to each other in the comments.

P.s. Sorry Jerry - I couldn't let it go..... I know, hope this one get a run through the end. 

First post is the post which got deleted, among others.....

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Yes - make a subforum - I know what I'm doing, Fuji phoned me several time to be a X-shooter for their website and I really don't want to see anymore threats like that.
6.1% 2  votes
No - leave it like it is.... I really think people can learn from all repeating answers from different posters and endless pixel peeping to infinity.... and beyond.
21.2% 7  votes
I really don't care - If I want to feel beter, I just visit a threat like you describe and sleep like baby afterwards.
27.3% 9  votes
Please dear God....., make a sticky FAQ - so that I only have to copy/paste the official dpr point of view on processing X-files and can move on with other things.....
45.5% 15  votes
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